Yanhee Beauty Breast Cream


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Yanhee Beauty Breast Cream 


Our product is a cream for more beautiful healthy and bust of a woman. I combine extract Thai herb Pueraria that is loved around the world.

By massaging closely with our product, you can prevent getting out of shape droop and give moderate freshness and firmness to the skin.


For women, the bust is to serve very important. For women with trouble in breast, fresh and young, you can feel the bust healthy with the tension, and the latest supplements. Please try us again.

How should I take:

How should I take: it is placed on the breast an appropriate amount, please let me be familiar while massaging slowly. You do not need to wash it away.


Rose Pueraria extract, water, mineral oil, ethanol, glycerol monostearate, propylene glycol, chamomile, oil and methyl ester: Ingredients: Ingredients