Lansley Vitamin C Radiance Toner Bright and White


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Lansley Vitamin C Radiance Toner Bright and White 100ml.

Product Description:

Product Description

Toner specially formulated for skin care. Help clean the skin with moisture for the skin. Removes dirt and excess fat that clogs the pores. The cause of acne. Enriched with Vitamin C in the form of stability (Ascobyl Glucoside) was developed from the advanced technology of Japan. Improves skin tone and clarity. The grouping of the pigment. The cause of melasma. Freckles and dark spots. The skin. The skin and Chamomile Extract to help condition the skin. Protect your skin from pollution. Reduce skin irritation. And add strength to the skin cells and skin cells to PHAs with antioxidant compounds. Has helped strengthen the skin's collagen. The skin is pliable. Adds clarity to your skin. And help restore skin back to life. Along with the skin surface to the next step.